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Seminarians Sponsorship Form

Important points regarding sponsorship programme

"I will rejoice in the Lord … God the Lord is my strength..." (Habakkuk 3, 18-19)

Dear Friend in Christ,

Prayerful greetings and loving regards to you from St. Joseph Province of the Vincentian Congregation!

Vincentian Congregation: The Vincentian Congregation (V.C.) was founded in Kerala, India in 1904, modeled after the Congregation of the Mission founded by St. Vincent De Paul. Members of the Vincentian Congregation, all natives of India, follow the charism and spirit of St. Vincent De Paul, our heavenly patron. St. Joseph Province is one of the three provinces of Vincentian Congregation. We have now 154 priests, 67 major seminarians, 25 Novices and 66 minor seminarians (3 years of Pre- Novitiate).

What is the normal duration of Vincentian Seminary Training?

  • Minor Seminary - 1 year (Period of initiation into the seminary and Vincentian Life)
  • College (Minor) Seminary - 2 years of college study and spiritual formation
  • Novitiate - 1 year (Period of intensive spiritual and religious formation)
  • Degree Course - 3 years (bachelor degree in any subject)
  • Philosophy - 3 years (Period of study of various branches of philosophy)
  • Regency - 1 year (Period of practical training and ministry)
  • Theology - 4 years (Period of study of various branches of Theology and Liturgy)

Please note: The duration may further increase if the seminarian is selected for some special studies during the period of formation.

What are the Spiritual Benefits for the Seminarian Sponsors?

  • Your seminarian will be daily praying for you and your dear ones and for your good health.
  • Members of the Vincentian Congregation pray for the Benefactors every day.
  • In all Vincentian Houses every month a special Mass is offered for all the Benefactors.
  • All priests of the Congregation offer a Mass every year for the Benefactors.

Expenses for the Seminarians: We are to spend per year, (as of last year), more than Rs. 100,000.00 towards the expenses of one seminarian for his boarding, lodging, journey, personal expenses, tuition fees, university fees, etc. The medical and other special expenses and the expenses for the maintenance of the seminary are to be spent extra. These expenses are met with the partial support of different sponsors. The expenses for the seminarians would usually increase by 15-20% year by year, taking into consideration the money inflation.

Your Contribution: You are contributing mainly to the Seminary Fund of St. Joseph's Province of the Vincentian Congregation and your kind financial offerings will be applied towards the expenses of the seminary training of our seminarians.

What are the Obligations of the Seminarian's Sponsors?

  • Daily, or whenever possible, pray for your seminarian and for all Vincentians.
  • Regular offerings be made toward the support of the seminarians as agreed in the beginning. The amount could be given either monthly or quarterly or annually.

Will you receive letters from your Seminarians?

  • In the very near future you will receive a letter from your seminarian.
  • Usually your seminarian will be writing to you two times a year, i.e., during Christmas and academic year opening season.

How can you correspond with your Seminarian?

  • The contact with the seminarian or priest is always through the Provincial Superior. Please address all your letters to the seminarian as follows: Name of the seminarian, C/o The Provincial Superior, Vincentian Provincial House, S.H. Mount P.O., Kottayam 686 006, Kerala State, India.
  • Please do not enclose cash (bills or coin) in your letters to your seminarian. Government regulations in India strictly forbid this practice. Besides, it may probably be lost in the mail.
  • If you want to give any special gifts to your seminarian that may be forwarded through the Provincial Superior. We do not usually encourage special material gifts since only some may receive them. At the time of ordination gifts could be given, if the benefactor desires to do so.

Details regarding our Bank Account

You can give your contribution directly to Provincial House in cash/cheque or through the Bank. You may use the given details when you send us a cheque or when you directly transfer your contribution directly to our bank account. When you send us a cheque or DD please write the account payee cheque in favor of ST JOSEPHS PROVINCE OF VINCENTIAN CONGREGATION When you directly transfer your contribution to our bank account, please let me know through a letter or Email ( or by phone so that I can acknowledge it soon.

Our Postal Address:

TELE PHONE N0: 0091-481-2563559, 0091-481-6532559

Your financial and spiritual support of your seminarian is a statement of your faith in God who has been so generous to you and of your active partnership in the service of God. Your special intentions will be remembered in our monthly masses for the Vincentian Mission and seminarians' Sponsors.

Gratefully and prayerfully yours in Christ,

Fr. Jilson Mathew Kakkattupillil VC
Provincial Superior